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Stenheim describes itself as a “Young Brand” with “Timeless Expertise”. Although founded a relatively few, short years ago in 2010, Stenheim is steeped in the time-tested Swiss values of precision and outstanding quality. Inspired by its country’s long history of micromechanic and watch-making expertise, Stenheim quickly became a leader among Swiss audio brands.

Its five founders, Jean-Loup Afresne, Antoine Petroff, Maxime Perrin, Sébastien Benz and David Jilli are all engineers, passionate  about sound and music. Prior to launching Stenheim, they worked together at one of the biggest names in audio equipment. After two years of intense research and development, Stenheim launched its first product range, the Alumine. These compact, all-aluminum speakers were created to be the reference model, to evolve over time to include a full-range system with subwoofer.

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“The Stenheim Alumine Five SE is not just a great speaker; it is one of high-end audio’s greatest speakers. Its ability to generate truly deep, linear, powerful bass, unusually rich and lifelike tone color, near-visible three-dimensional images, and astounding detail and dynamics from such a modest enclosure is not just a surprise; it is on for the ages.”

Jonathan Valin
The Absolute Sound

Given the Alumine model’s success, the five founders decided in 2013 to expand the young company’s horizons, handing over its reins to to Jean-Pascal Panchard. Also a music aficionado and engineer by training, Panchard brings extensive experience in the “High End” audio market—encompassing his time spent with leading names in the Swiss audio industry.

Stenheim embodies the unparalleled crafstmanship and accuracy for which Switzerland is renowned—offering very high quality products with lively, warm audio rendition—and uncompromising design.

Stenheim innvites the discerning listener to rediscover the senseand  sensationof hearing. Conceived and made entirely in Switzerland, our speakers combine unparalleled expertise and years of research to bring you exceptional sound. Hear the music vibrate and shine as it reveals the musician’s sensitivity and emotion along with the beauty of the composition. At last, listening is infused with a concert atmosphere, the audience’s energy and enthusiasm. Forget technology—simply experience music.

Stenheim alumine movie 5-1

Stenheim Alumine 5-1 Movie Speaker Array 

Some manufacturers focus on the sensory, others on technology. Stenheim merges the twothe culmination of its understanding of the relationship between real physical constraints and their impact on the subjective quality of listening. By design, Stenheim ignores the trendy, building its products to last—opting for simple elegance and neutral, rich and clear tones—highlighting the beauty of music, nothing else.

Visit Stenheim onlineexplore this exceptional brand and discover its equally exceptional speakers.

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